Mobile notary services


Everyone maintains some sort of documents for a variety of reasons and that is the reason why they also want their documents to be legalized that are authorized solely by personnel with a license. In this time and age, people do not have to go around looking for notary public; instead, the people can use the mobile notary Pleasanton services that will ensure that the task of notarizing documents will not interrupt daily.

There are many local mobile notaries and one such example is Mr. Craig Mullins who a mobile notary public is serving the Alameda Country Rita Jail. He’s an official who’s fully licensed, bonded, insured, history checked, and have permission to enter the Santa Rita Jail. The cost he charges is $10.00 per signature plus $40.00 for travel for the first hour. Additional hours are $40.00 and the prices are non-negotiable. He’s also a public mobile Notary Pleasanton serving the Alameda Country region, including Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Castro Valley.

The accredited personnel also do adoptions and go to the Santa Rita Jail Active military and veterans with no signature charge. Adoption involves a whole lot of paperwork, medical exams, and many of the documents require notarizations with doctor’s signatures. The personnel can satisfy the clients at the several places and get everything done together. Folks are recommended to go to the official notary webpage and contact the person if they need a document notarized but do not have enough time to travel.

In the event of visiting the jail, the employees is unable to pass messages to the inmate or give those notes. In addition, he waits daily to get the task finished. Occasionally he can do it right away or need to wait 8 hours or more as it is dependent on what is happening in the jail and staffing. The personnel also needed acceptable identification in the customers.

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