Best Shoulder workouts: Gym Recipe


There is no doubt that an attractive pair of shoulders is quite the eye catcher. But it isn’t really easy to get a perfect shoulder set. Sure, genes play a role in whether a person can have a broad shoulder or not but there is always a way to look the best one can, if they follow the right direction. Thankfully, for all those sleeveless shirt lovers and bikini wearers, there are shoulder workouts for women that they can follow, of course with a diet plan to get the best result possible. So what is the best shoulder workout? That is a tricky question, because results may vary depending on an individual and their physique. Fret not though because when it comes to workouts, as long as a person is determined, results are sure to show.

Irrelevant of whether a person is a daily gym visitor or not, there is always a way to start out. One common shoulder workout for women to start out with is the front raise. Now remember to always keep a minimal limit if 10-15 reps with a minimal 3 sets of each rep. simply stand straight, set the feet and waist apart and grab a pair of dumbbells. Now don’t start too heavy, especially for beginners, a 5 kg is recommended at minimum. But it is all about getting an idea of the movement so if that is uncomfortable, one can always start smaller.

Almost every shoulder workouts for women routine will have the front raise as well as the lateral raise. It is similar to the front raise, except the raise is done on the side. These workouts will also affect the deltoids and the chest muscles together, so keep a steady breath and a consistent rep. Fly raises are one of the most common workouts that affect the chest, biceps, as well as the back but it affects majorly the shoulders, especially the bent over reverse fly raise.

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